We are two sisters who grew up in a rural area of Maple Ridge, BC, a suburb of Vancouver.  We spent our childhoods playing in the forest behind our house while our mom and granny grew vegetable and flower gardens.  We both moved to the city to pursue further education and both ended up moving away.  Lauren relocated in California and Shannon to Ontario.  But the draw of family and our fond memories of our childhoods brought us back to the area.  Now we both have kids (tally is at four) of our own and are passionate gardeners who prefer to be digging in the dirt rather that cleaning our messy houses or a myriad of other tasks we should be doing.

Three years ago Shannon moved from her suburban home and yard to an acreage to provide a free ranging childhood for her children, nieces and nephews similar to what she grew up with. The additional fertile land has sparked our agrarian roots and we are now starting out on our venture to grow local, sustainable, organic flowers. Our mission is to create delightful flower designs with the flowers we’ve lovingly grown for local markets and events.

Farmer Florists
Shannon & Lauren   



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