DIY Farm Gate Stand

Since the farm is located on a busy farm road in Pitt Meadows next to the equally popular dykes of the Pitt River we decided to try selling at the farm gate.  Luckily the farm husband was more than on board with the plan.  I went out for an evening and arrived home to see the following scene on my driveway:

From scrap wood the beginning of the farm gate was being built.  By the next day it looked like this:

Neighbours and passersby’s were definitely slowing down to take a closer look.

We’ve recently added a sign to the stand to let people know who we are.

Walking to the end of the driveway and finding an arrangement or two sold is still exciting. Hopefully as more locals become familiar with our stand and flowers we will experience more sales.

Sometimes supply at the farm gate stand may vary, so if you are in need of a special arrangement please contact us.

Shannon Roberts
604. 465.7227


Divine Sweet Peas Arrive

For many it is the distinctive perfume of sweet pees that tap directly into fond memories of grandmother’s garden.  For others, this flower may be a new discovery as you simply won’t find it at your average grocery store floral department.

At Blooming Meadows we are bursting to announce that we have sweet peas ready to order.  You will see pictured below lovely “April in Paris” which is a highly scented creamy white with a pale purple edge combined with a true white variety.  You can see in the Mason Jar arrangement we’ve added a full purple bloom that adds a splash of colour to the bouquet.

Please contact us to order a vase full for yourself or plan to order enough to make your next event very special.  As always, orders will be cut fresh and flowers will arrive at their peak of perfection.  We can provide free delivery within 5 km of Pitt Meadows.

Peonies on the Mantle

In celebration of my 40th birthday Shannon and I adorned my fireplace mantle with a abundant mass of pink Peonies, Weeping Birch, Salmon berry twigs and a few feathery Cosmos.  Making this large arrangement felt like we were bringing all the best of a spring garden inside to enjoy.

Spring Peonie Mantle
I certainly prefer this versus an “Over the hill banner”.

Spring Peonie Manlte2


Around the Farm: Garden Blooms

This is our first spring on the farm so it has been exciting to see the rolling wave of blooms our perennial gardens have been pumping out.  Our front garden and side border have rhododendrons and azaleas of various sizes and colours and as one plant starts to fade another comes into bloom.

A view though the weeping birch in the front island.




I’m looking forward to discovering the future colours and details of the many buds that are waiting their turn to burst open.

Six year old chicken farmer tells all

When my 6 year niece was asked if she would accept an interview about her chicken farming experience she excitedly replied “ooh I didn’t know chicken farming was so fancy.”  For sake of protecting her identification I asked my niece to pick an alternate identity and she requested to be referred to as “Rhubarb Muffin”.

Q: What  do you have to do to look after chickens.

A: Give them fresh water, clean the wood chips and collect the eggs

Q: How many eggs do you get everyday

A: Sometimes 1. sometimes 11.

Q:  What is the hardest part of being a chicken farmer?

A: Changing the water because it sprays me

Q:  What do you like most about your chickens

A: They go “bock bock”

A: How much does a dozen eggs cost?

A: 5 dollars

Q : Do you know what organic means?

A: No

Q: Is it hard to pick up a chicken?

A: Yes, but I am good at it.

So Rhubarb Muffin may not have vast insight into the world of organic agriculture and animal husbandry but she is learning a lot about responsibility, empathy for living things and  math & accounting skills (if I drop 2 eggs before getting to the house will I have enough to sell to get my $5?)  There seems to be a fair amount of fun in the chicken business as I’ve seen RM and my daughter spending a lot of time playing with the docile and friendly hens .  In the picture below “dress up” and chicken farming merge well for 6 year-olds.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll don a tiara and add a skip before heading out to work too.


girl and chicken 16