Divine Sweet Peas Arrive

For many it is the distinctive perfume of sweet pees that tap directly into fond memories of grandmother’s garden.  For others, this flower may be a new discovery as you simply won’t find it at your average grocery store floral department.

At Blooming Meadows we are bursting to announce that we have sweet peas ready to order.  You will see pictured below lovely “April in Paris” which is a highly scented creamy white with a pale purple edge combined with a true white variety.  You can see in the Mason Jar arrangement we’ve added a full purple bloom that adds a splash of colour to the bouquet.

Please contact us to order a vase full for yourself or plan to order enough to make your next event very special.  As always, orders will be cut fresh and flowers will arrive at their peak of perfection.  We can provide free delivery within 5 km of Pitt Meadows.