Six year old chicken farmer tells all

When my 6 year niece was asked if she would accept an interview about her chicken farming experience she excitedly replied “ooh I didn’t know chicken farming was so fancy.”  For sake of protecting her identification I asked my niece to pick an alternate identity and she requested to be referred to as “Rhubarb Muffin”.

Q: What  do you have to do to look after chickens.

A: Give them fresh water, clean the wood chips and collect the eggs

Q: How many eggs do you get everyday

A: Sometimes 1. sometimes 11.

Q:  What is the hardest part of being a chicken farmer?

A: Changing the water because it sprays me

Q:  What do you like most about your chickens

A: They go “bock bock”

A: How much does a dozen eggs cost?

A: 5 dollars

Q : Do you know what organic means?

A: No

Q: Is it hard to pick up a chicken?

A: Yes, but I am good at it.

So Rhubarb Muffin may not have vast insight into the world of organic agriculture and animal husbandry but she is learning a lot about responsibility, empathy for living things and  math & accounting skills (if I drop 2 eggs before getting to the house will I have enough to sell to get my $5?)  There seems to be a fair amount of fun in the chicken business as I’ve seen RM and my daughter spending a lot of time playing with the docile and friendly hens .  In the picture below “dress up” and chicken farming merge well for 6 year-olds.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll don a tiara and add a skip before heading out to work too.


girl and chicken 16