First Farmers Market

First Farmers Market 16

This week we enjoyed huge success at our first Port Coquitlam Farmers Market.

We had a great time offering our Sweet Pea stems to all that passed by and it was gratifying to see everyone swoon at their scent.  Those who had never experienced the smell of Sweet Peas  were really enchanted.  For others the smell was very nostalgic of the past, which was actually quite emotional for some.

We also enjoyed taking time to get to know our customers and answer their questions:

Q: “Are they (floral arrangements) real?”
A: We’ve organically grown each flower from seed, harvested and arranged each vase individually.  They don’t get any more real – the blisters on my hands are a testament to that.

Q: “Where do your flowers come from.”
A: We grow them on our small farm on Kennedy Rd. in Pitt Meadows which happens to be 7km from the Port Coquitlam Farmers Market.

Q: “Do you produce floral designs for weddings and how can we buy your flowers besides at the market?”
A: Yes, we still have spaces available for custom floral design for Weddings and events for this summer/fall.  You can also find our flowers at our farm gate stand on Kennedy Rd.  or contact us to make a special bouquet .

We’d also like to give a shout out to our week’s favorite market vendors:
Double Trouble Creations – who was a great “neighbor” with the most amazing cookies – we are still having Snickerdoodle dreams
Mom and Me Pies – wonderful ladies, divine pies.
Montakarn Winery – shockingly good wine.

Dessert, wine and flowers – this is a piece of the good life!  See you at the Port Coquitlam Farmers Market this Thursday 3pm-7pm.

DIY Farm Gate Stand

Since the farm is located on a busy farm road in Pitt Meadows next to the equally popular dykes of the Pitt River we decided to try selling at the farm gate.  Luckily the farm husband was more than on board with the plan.  I went out for an evening and arrived home to see the following scene on my driveway:

From scrap wood the beginning of the farm gate was being built.  By the next day it looked like this:

Neighbours and passersby’s were definitely slowing down to take a closer look.

We’ve recently added a sign to the stand to let people know who we are.

Walking to the end of the driveway and finding an arrangement or two sold is still exciting. Hopefully as more locals become familiar with our stand and flowers we will experience more sales.

Sometimes supply at the farm gate stand may vary, so if you are in need of a special arrangement please contact us.

Shannon Roberts
604. 465.7227



I love the “launch” metaphor for the start of a new business.  I can clearly visualize in my minds eye a small little boat being thrust off the beach with a rough push to splash into waters unknown and uncharted ventures.  There is excitement as the boat pushes away from shore but will it float and weather the next storm?  My sister and I are thrilled to get this opportunity to put our passion for growing amazing seasonal flowers to create “Blooming Meadows”, but admittedly there is trepidation before we make the final push of energy and make our vision a reality.  We don’t have masters in business administration to guide us.  We have not farmed on this scale nor been so vulnerable and dependent on the nature – will the rain ever hold up long enough so we can plow the fields and will we learn how to live with frequently visiting lovely deer who could possibly consume our every last seedling?

Luckily for us we have fantastic crew of friends and family  cheering us on, not letting us turn back and so we launch.


Lauren Bennewith, Farmer Florist