Farm Gate Stand 2020

We are pleased to be serving our fantastic community for our 5th year from our tiny farm gate stand!  We are excited to be adding veggies and fruit (peas, greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, leeks, and Asian pears, quince) in addition to our well-loved farm fresh florals and eggs and garlic. Our farm gate stand is located at:

17456 Kennedy Road Pitt Meadows

We have always been “contactless”  and payment is accepted by cash in the secure box or by e-transfer to:

When you arrive at the stand please pull into the driveway.  Don’t worry you won’t block us in. If there are others at the stand please respect physical distancing precautions – ideally wait in your car until they have made their purchase.

Mother nature dictates when and what will be ready and at the peak freshness for placement out on the stand.  Follow along on Instagram or Facebook to see what is in season and feel free to tag us with pics of your lovely purchases.

Special floral pre-orders can be made for a $50.00 minimum please DM or email:

The stand is stocked for “Friday Flowers” starting 10:30am until we are SOLD OUT or dusk. If available, flowers and produce will be out on the stand Saturday and Sunday as well.  We do our best to post on social media when we are sold out.

July- September
The growing season will be well underway, and we will work hard the stand stocked daily dependent on what is available to harvest.  Our Garlic will be ready and available for pre-order in August.

Fall harvest and then the season begins to wind down.  Pumpkin arrangements available for Thanksgiving barring an early killing frost or other acts of nature.

Thank you for supporting our little farm venture.