Farm Gate Stand

WPBloomingMeadowsbenchseat2018DCWe are proud to offer our farm fresh floral designs on our little farm gate stand.

Where do I find the stand?
17456 Kennedy Road, Pitt Meadows

How does this work?
We work hard to place our fresh flowers out on the stand at the end of the driveway every morning during the growing season. It is “first come first serve” and works on  the honour system.

How do I pay?
-Cash in the secure box
-E-transfer to

How can I be sure there will be flowers available when I pop by?
-Part of the fun is not knowing what what you’ll find.  We are not able to guarantee availability and we do sell out on occasion.  You can contact us in advance to place separate orders (deposit required).  You’ll often find “sneak peaks” of what’s heading out to the stand on Instagram and Facebook.

How much are your arrangements on the stand?
–Typically around $20.00

What else can I find on the stand?
-August to September – fresh local garlic $12/lb
-Farm fresh eggs when there is an occasional surplus

Other details
There are cardboard boxes under the stand to help with transport.  All arrangements are clearly tagged with prices.  If the arrangement is in a vase or vessel it comes with and is included in the price.  Please feel free to donate vases or mason jars if you have extra that need a home – this does help us keep our prices affordable and is always appreciated.

Thank you so much for your interest in our flowers, please stop on by soon!