Wedding floral trends

I don’t think being “trendy” is what most brides are looking for when they set out to carve their personal style into their big day.  Instead I think we each want something that looks fresh, unique and reflective of us.  Having said that it is the rare bride who hasn’t spent at least a wee bit of time browsing bridal magazines and websites, observing the trends and getting a sense of what you aspire to (or really dislike).  Here are some of the wedding floral designs that are catching my eye.

Bigger is better – a recent cover of one of the big bridal magazines (you know her name) pictured the bride with a giant size wild bouquet probably close to 3 feet at it tallest.  Though it made for a striking photo, the practicality of a bouquet this large would be questionable – carrying this beyond the ceremony would be impossible and for those of us shorter in stature, I don’t think you would see much of us or the dress hidden behind it.  I do the like the concept of full and more loosely structured bouquets with well placed branches adding to height, while flowing greenery such as birch or willow cascading from the lower fringe.

Asymmetry with balance – this is one style we can’t get enough of at Blooming Meadows. Perfectly round ball like bouquets can feel a bit too traditional.  Asymmetry adds a fresh modern look though requires an artistic understanding to create a balance sense to the design.

Bright and bold –  we’ll always swoon for sophisticated palettes of pastels, creams and whites which is why we can’t get enough of our “diva” dahlia Cafe au lait.  We are also super excited to see bold jewel tone palettes which exude cheer and celebration gracing the pages of many magazines.  Our rows of sunflowers  really do bring “sunshine” to every bouquet and combine so well with blue bachelor buttons, merlot coloured amaranth and orange pom pom dahlias.

Wild and foraged – though this may currently be in vogue, it is more than just fashion but a necessity for us to complete our arrangements as we are committed to using that which is grown or found on our land.   Using branches, wild greenery,  grasses and even  feathers create a natural and authentic romance to the overall floral design.  Look closely at our designs and you may see blackberry (thornless!), immature quince or apple in bud form and seed heads of flowers.

Local and sustainably grown – the movement for supporting local farmers continues to grow (yeah!) as people recognize the need to keep agricultural land for agriculture and understand that it is not necessary to put resources and petroleum into shipping product vast distances when it can be  provided within kilometers of home. We at Blooming Meadows are committed to growing without herbicides or pesticides and love that we support biodiversity in our fields. Honey bees and lady bugs are friends on our farm.  With this desire for local and sustainably grown comes an understanding that using the best of season is a requirement, in other words – we won’t be able to provide a tropical flower for you in June but will have abundance of other amazing flowers ready for your date.

Is there a wedding floral design image you just can’t get out of your head? We’d love to have a look and discuss your ideas.  Please contact us:




Vibrant Sunflower Wedding

Carley & Clay, bride and groom, are both world travelers, wilderness adventures and educators.  Not only was Carley looking for vibrant and bold colours for her bridal flowers and reception floral design, – she needed a bridal bouquet that could with stand a helicopter ride and mountain hike for her wedding vows atop Flatiron Mountain near Hope BC.

mountain top photos courtesy Crooked Creek Photography

Sunflowers were the perfect fit as they were reaching their peak in our fields at the time of the mountain top ceremony and wedding reception in early August.  The bridal bouquets consisted of blue bachelor buttons, small yellow sunflowers, orange dahlias, echinacia and sedum. The groomsmen wore a simple boutonniere of hemlock twig and budding pinecones and special feathers.  The day after the intimate mountain top ceremony friends and family gathered to celebrate at the bride’s parents home in Webster’s Corners, Maple Ridge.  Large sunflowers and burgundy amaranth adorned the outdoor celebration on the small farm.  Edible snapdragon and borage petals garnished the lovely white buttercream cake.

We feel very privileged to be able to provide our  local, organically grown flowers for this happy couples special day.



What do flower farmers do in the winter?

Winter has arrived and while some may dream of sugar plum ferries dancing in their heads, we dream of flowers.  We’ve now completed our fall plantings of cool hardy annuals that will overwinter in our fields and hoop house and burst forth at the first signs of spring.  We spend hours researching and ordering new seeds for annuals that we want to grow next season.  We also add to our collection of perennials.  This year’s newest members of the perennial club include a classic full white rose, Claire Austin, and a hydrangea that we’ve fallen for, Everlasting Noblesse, that has white petals fringed in lime green.

Do you dream in flowers?  If you have a special event this next season and have a specific flower or colour scheme in mind, it is not too late for us to order the seeds and plant specifically for you.  We’d be happy to arrange a farm tour so you can see for yourself your personal floral choices emerging into blossoms.  Not only is this a unique experience, but you will also be helping to support local, sustainable farming practices.

The Wise Farmer Next Door

Every newby farming family really needs an experienced neighbour to offer tried and true advice and an occasional helping hand.  Luckily for us “Wild” Bill and his wife Marie are the quintessential next door neighbours that fulfill this role.

Bill taught us the benefits of a hinged style hoe for clearing a row of weeds in a hurry – though still with much effort.  He has also donated hundreds of heirloom dahlia tubers that are of a lineage that belonged to his father. Back in the day, these tubours were so popular they cost 50 cents each, which would been half an average man’s daily wages, according to Bill.  His wife is also generous, she provided us a bunch with of vases and has offered up their pristine and abundant blueberry patch to our kids who pick until their bellies are bursting.

Wild Bill16

Though some may not consider Bill’s outfit high fashion, I am on a serious hunt for a light weight pair of coveralls.  If I plan to be a farmer into my golden year I need to protect my skin and nothing covers skin better than coveralls.  They would also keep my clothes cleaner, so less laundry and also allow for a quick change and transformation between farmer, florist, school mom and other less dirty life roles.   A hat is vital for out in the field and I am trying to adopt the hat wearing habit.  Pockets to keep small tools and cell phones from disappearing into the field are also a must.  A careful observer will see a small transister radio in Bill’s pocket.  We are definitely in need of this – you see there is no WiFi out in the field so a radio could help ease the burden of weeding and planting.

Yup – Bill has it figured out, and we are thankful he and his wife are  our neighbors.


First Farmers Market

First Farmers Market 16

This week we enjoyed huge success at our first Port Coquitlam Farmers Market.

We had a great time offering our Sweet Pea stems to all that passed by and it was gratifying to see everyone swoon at their scent.  Those who had never experienced the smell of Sweet Peas  were really enchanted.  For others the smell was very nostalgic of the past, which was actually quite emotional for some.

We also enjoyed taking time to get to know our customers and answer their questions:

Q: “Are they (floral arrangements) real?”
A: We’ve organically grown each flower from seed, harvested and arranged each vase individually.  They don’t get any more real – the blisters on my hands are a testament to that.

Q: “Where do your flowers come from.”
A: We grow them on our small farm on Kennedy Rd. in Pitt Meadows which happens to be 7km from the Port Coquitlam Farmers Market.

Q: “Do you produce floral designs for weddings and how can we buy your flowers besides at the market?”
A: Yes, we still have spaces available for custom floral design for Weddings and events for this summer/fall.  You can also find our flowers at our farm gate stand on Kennedy Rd.  or contact us to make a special bouquet .

We’d also like to give a shout out to our week’s favorite market vendors:
Double Trouble Creations – who was a great “neighbor” with the most amazing cookies – we are still having Snickerdoodle dreams
Mom and Me Pies – wonderful ladies, divine pies.
Montakarn Winery – shockingly good wine.

Dessert, wine and flowers – this is a piece of the good life!  See you at the Port Coquitlam Farmers Market this Thursday 3pm-7pm.

DIY Farm Gate Stand

Since the farm is located on a busy farm road in Pitt Meadows next to the equally popular dykes of the Pitt River we decided to try selling at the farm gate.  Luckily the farm husband was more than on board with the plan.  I went out for an evening and arrived home to see the following scene on my driveway:

From scrap wood the beginning of the farm gate was being built.  By the next day it looked like this:

Neighbours and passersby’s were definitely slowing down to take a closer look.

We’ve recently added a sign to the stand to let people know who we are.

Walking to the end of the driveway and finding an arrangement or two sold is still exciting. Hopefully as more locals become familiar with our stand and flowers we will experience more sales.

Sometimes supply at the farm gate stand may vary, so if you are in need of a special arrangement please contact us.

Shannon Roberts
604. 465.7227


Divine Sweet Peas Arrive

For many it is the distinctive perfume of sweet pees that tap directly into fond memories of grandmother’s garden.  For others, this flower may be a new discovery as you simply won’t find it at your average grocery store floral department.

At Blooming Meadows we are bursting to announce that we have sweet peas ready to order.  You will see pictured below lovely “April in Paris” which is a highly scented creamy white with a pale purple edge combined with a true white variety.  You can see in the Mason Jar arrangement we’ve added a full purple bloom that adds a splash of colour to the bouquet.

Please contact us to order a vase full for yourself or plan to order enough to make your next event very special.  As always, orders will be cut fresh and flowers will arrive at their peak of perfection.  We can provide free delivery within 5 km of Pitt Meadows.

Peonies on the Mantle

In celebration of my 40th birthday Shannon and I adorned my fireplace mantle with a abundant mass of pink Peonies, Weeping Birch, Salmon berry twigs and a few feathery Cosmos.  Making this large arrangement felt like we were bringing all the best of a spring garden inside to enjoy.

Spring Peonie Mantle
I certainly prefer this versus an “Over the hill banner”.

Spring Peonie Manlte2


Around the Farm: Garden Blooms

This is our first spring on the farm so it has been exciting to see the rolling wave of blooms our perennial gardens have been pumping out.  Our front garden and side border have rhododendrons and azaleas of various sizes and colours and as one plant starts to fade another comes into bloom.

A view though the weeping birch in the front island.




I’m looking forward to discovering the future colours and details of the many buds that are waiting their turn to burst open.