Weddings & Events

We are excited to offer an array of floral design options for your wedding or event.  We hand pick our organically grown flowers fresh from our fields to create romantic, bountiful arrangements to suite your style and wedding plans.  We specialize in many unique seasonal flowers such as heavenly scented sweat peas and silken like poppies. We provide our unique floral service for an exclusive number of weddings per season.

Most flowers bought from stores and florist shops come from other countries using fossil fuel to get here. Many flowers are grown in places where there are no regulations on the use of pesticides and herbicides that can be harmful to farm workers and to the land.

Our flowers, grown on our family farm in Pitt Meadows, are not only beautiful they are grown, harvested, and delivered with integrity.  Floral design from Blooming Meadows will delight the senses and leave a gentle footprint on the environment.

Please contact us to discuss your floral vision for your wedding or event and we can tailor it to your vision and style. We provide a range of options including full service, personal delivery, onsite tablescapes and large floral installations.